Communalism At Work: Haiti

The link below leads to a wonderful article that displays the beauty of communalism at the most humble of levels.

It is not surprising to find the ideas of communal cooperation in Haiti. Being of Arawak and African descent they come from a long history of cultural communalist practices. What is suprising is that the puppet governemnt that has been weakened and decimated by every dominate capitalist society of the “west” played no part in this revival of the communal spirit. The influence of those who hoard  societal power has successfully denied growth and development for the many that suffered a terrible tragedy. Though I despise state run communal structures, it reminds me the rate of growth that took place in the Soviet Union and China. Time and time again we find evidence that cooperation picks up the slack when competition fails us. May abundant blessing fall upon the people of Haiti, and may those blessing ripple out to us all.


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