The Soap Box

Dear Readers 

This blog was created to provide a public space where I could display my views, theories, criticisms, etc. of the world around us. Though these ideas are a product of mine, I hope and intend for them to be thought provoking and inspire consideration of the structures of our shared reality. I greatly invite everyone to read, comment, share, and develope discussions around the topics that I feel the higher ups in the societies across the planet wish we ignore. Human relation has suffered from the endless pursuit of some to stratify the mass in a manner that produces an end that is benefitial to only those in the inner circles of the upper classes of socities around the world.
I have my own view of the politicaleconomy, and what I call communalism shall be the great overtone of my work. It differs from what life has produced to define communism, and it is not a complete death of the idea of capitalism.  There will be alot written that shows my agreement with Marx, but there will be also but there will also be the tones of influence from Menger and Hayek. My view may differ from the general consesus of most circle, and I hope that those reading these pieces are able to take away from it all something they hadn’t had before reading them. 

As a black man there shall be piece that speak to the truth of my existence in this world, my understand of its history and my people’s place in it, and the impact such a reality has on my cultures existence. I can only write from my own perspective and if that is offensive to those who do not understand, and fail to try to understand from what has been read, I can do nothing for your ignorance, but I can understand it. The politicaleconomy interfers with all of our lives, but it does not affect us in an equitable manner. In such a reality is it not fair to reveal such inequities?

Overall this space is open to the minds of hearts of the masses. This is not a just an open journal of mine, or a political pamphlet, but it is a place to generate revolving discussion about life and how we organize it.